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There are more than ten hours of classical music here, recorded with real orchestras and choirs.

More than 500 mp3 files edited in 30 sec format for advertising use, more than 4000 well- recorded and mastered files for your movies and documentaries. So much better than the usual music libraries, that are full of unusable music. JUST LISTEN!

Here you can buy music files and their synchronization rights for your video projects.

Easy to use, easy to license, with different types of licenses for each use.

We work with many professional composers worldwide, operating in the professional film scoring field.

We absolutely guarantee about our licenses. We have signed many synchronizations agreements with orchestras,publishers and composers.

Once you have bought the file,you will receive at your mail a signed license for the use you need.

Totally guarantee.

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 If you choose to use “Famous Tunes”, please remember to contact the original publisher, in order to define the publisher’s rights. The Ultimate Music Library Store is a music portal for movies, documentaries and Tv AdVs.
Every single music file is marked with an hidden encrypted signature that permit us to trace every use,on the internet or on television, worldwide.   If you would like to buy performing rights for use in blockbuster international film and videogames, please contact us.

Use in hard sexual-porn video material is NOT allowed.