How does it work?


It’s really simple! Navigate in the site among the folders until you find one that you’re interested in, purchase a license according to the type of use that you will make of the music, complete payment and download the file. All of the files in our library are high quality mp3’s saved at 192 bps with Pro Tools HDX, but we also have files of the original recordings, from 44100 16 bit up to 96000 24 bit, that we can send you if you need them.


Once you’ve purchased the license and downloaded your file(s) we will send you the signed license by email and your invoice, including sales tax (VAT).


Who guarantees my license?


All of the files in our library were obtained through contracts of synchronization licensing with orchestras, editors and composers. They will receive half of your paying price. Your use of the files is fully covered by international law.


Can I resell these files from my own site?


No.  Reselling is not allowed, because we are the sole owners of the recordings. Each file contains an encrypted digital “signature” that allows us to immediately identify its presence on the internet.


Can I contact you for a personalized quote?


Of course! We would be delighted to send you a special discounted price quote for volume purchases.


Can I request custom music?


Absolutely! We have a team of composers who work with us on a regular basis. Send us your video or storyboard along with your instructions, and we will send you a proposal.